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Rancilio Classe 7S


The Classe 7 is designed to combine functionality, ergonomics and a contemporary look. The design of Classe 7 is a harmony of straight lines and smooth curves, where functionality meets style. Its clean, essential lines are set off by high quality materials: the group heads are in chrome-plated ABS, while the body combines aluminium and steel parts to ensure solidity across the entire range.
The Classe 7 range of features is rounded off by side-mounted shockproof bumpers, offering ample protection even at the busiest times of day.
The excellent ergonomics of Classe 7 are perfectly reflected in the innovative control panel with quick-response buttons. Comfort is ensured by the progressive, damping action of the silicone key support. The large buttons and intuitive graphic interface ensure total control of machine functions.
The keyboard LEDs provide additional information during brewing and continuous assistance to the barista. Also available for the semi-automatic version


- Independent Heat Exchanges
- Electric Heating
- Incorporated Volumetric Pump
- Boiler Pressure Gauge
- Automatic Water Level Control
- Reduction of 2/3 of Maximun Power
- Electronic Boiler Temperature / Pressure Control
- Standard and Compact Version
- LED Lights on working area ( NOT Included on Compact Version )


  • You Steam ( Steam Wand with manual position to add air           
    during frothing ) * NOT available on Compact Units
  • Gas Heating / Natural Gas or Propane Convertion kit * Special Order


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