Q: Machine not working at all.

A: Check power supply at the outlet. Check power switch on the machine is on.

Q: No Coffee or Water coming out of the group head.

A: Check water supply is on. Pressure gauge should be between 2-4 bar when the machine is not in use. Checked water pump is working. Pressure gauge should be 9 bar when unit is running. Check that coffee grind is not too fine. If so, adjust your coffee grinder.

Q: No Steam coming out steam wand

A: Check pressure gauge is reading between 1 - 1.5 bar. Check power switch is on the heating position. Check steam nozzle for any blockage.

Q: No Hot Water

A: Check hot water diffuser for any blockage. Check pressure gauge is reading between 1 - 1.5 bar.

Q: Machine is Leaking

A: Is the water clear? Check water supply hose or fittings. Is the water dirty? Check drain box/hose for any blockage

Q: Coffee Tastes Bad

A: Clean group head, shower screen and portafilters. Check grinder settings. Change water softener/ filter

Q: Coffee is cold

Check pressure gauge. Make sure portafilters are warm before you make any coffee. Make sure cups are warm before every usage.

Q: Coffee Grounds in the Coffee

A: Clean Group Head. Replace filter holder, it may be worn out.

Q: Coffee coming out too fast

A: Coffee grind too coarse. Incorrect coffee weight on the grinder.

Q: Coffee Coming out too slow

A: Coffee Grind too fine. Incorrect coffee weight on the grinder