ArabicaA type of coffee species which grows generally above 3000 ft and produces a rich tasting bean relatively low in caffeine mostly grown in Latin America
Automatic MachineA traditional espresso machine where the amount of water that is used to make the espresso is pre programmed
BackflushingWhere a blank filter is used to clean the grouphead on a traditional coffee machine
Bean-to-Cup MachineA machine that offers a variety of preset black and white coffee options at the push of a button. Often used in self service situations.
BlendEspresso is always a blend of different coffees where the roaster is looking for a specific end result with body, acidity and sweetness coming from the mix of different beans
Blind FilterUsed on your espresso machine to back flush. When used allows a build up of pressure in the grouphead which when released forces cleaner and water through the head and out into the drain
BurrsThe blades in a grinder that crush the beans to a uniform size suitable for the preparation of the coffee
CremaThe initial light coloured creamy liquid that comes out when making an espresso
CuppingCoffee tasting to evaluate the characteristics within different coffees
DegassingThe time roasted beans need to release the CO2 trapped inside of the bean when ground, usually a few hours at most to rest and settle and give their best taste.
DoseThe amount of coffee put into the filter basket
EspressoThe small amount of coffee made by a machine forcing water through ground coffee under pressure
EspressoThe small amount of coffee made by a machine forcing water through ground coffee under pressure
ExtractionThe amount of coffee released from the beans, usually depends on the finess of the grind.
Frothed MilkMilk that has been expanded by using steam.
GrinderMachine used to crush beans to a size suitable for coffee making
GroupheadPart of the espresso machine where the portafilter is attached to have water forced through the coffee
HopperContainer attached to a grinder to store the whole beans until ready to grind
PortafilterThe handle with filter basket used to make espresso coffee
PuckCoffee bean residue left in the filter basket after the extraction of the espresso
RobustaA type of coffee species grown mostly in wet areas of the eastern hemisphere, high in caffeine and can be quite harsh to taste
Steam WandThe pipe attached to the espresso machine used to heat and froth milk
Steamed MilkMilk that has been stretched and heated using a steam wand
TamperUsed to flatten, compress and remove the excess air from ground coffee when making espres